We are delighted that you would like to join the AquaGym Swim Club. Please take a few minutes to read through this information and contact the Head Coach if you would like any further help.


AquaGym Vision


Create: An environment where athletes develop a winning attitude, commitment, teamwork, respect and leadership
Challenge: Provide challenging and professional programmes at all levels that allow each athlete to strive for and achieve their goals
Conquer: By creating the environment and challenging the athletes we will conquer our goals of being one of the top swim clubs in New Zealand

AquaGym Philosophy


To achieve this, we create a stimulating and challenging environment that makes success inevitable. We believe in excellence at all levels from Junior Development through to Olympic level. We have an excellent track record in developing young swimmers who have competed successfully at Canterbury, New Zealand and International levels. By joining AquaGym Swim Club you will be part of Team AquaGym that is very proud of its history, tradition and achievements.

AquaGym Values


We strongly believe in and live by our club values. These are the important principles which guide us at all times. They are entrenched in our tradition and history and provide direction for our future. They remain a constant throughout changes of swimmers, parents, committees and staff. By being a member of AquaGym Swim Club you are expected to embrace and contribute to our values and success!


Being a member of AquaGym Swim Club entitles you to represent AquaGym Swim Club at local, regional and national competitions. Being part of a strong and successful Team builds many individual qualities including, Confidence, Leadership, Setting Personal Goals, Taking Action and Supporting others. We take our swimming seriously, but we also like to have fun. We are a very friendly Club with many social events and activities taking place in a regular basis. You stay in the same squad (until promoted) as you are now, so you can continue to swim with your friends.

AquaGym Team Uniform

When a swimmer registers with the Club as a junior member, he/she will be given an AquaGym cap. He/she is then required to purchase the AquaGym Jade polo top and AquaGym shorts as the initial basic uniform. This is acceptable Club uniform at Junior Carnival, Junior League and local Club meet level. This basic uniform must be worn to and from all local swim meets as well as being worn poolside between swimmers events. All registered swimmers competing at Canterbury Championship level and above, or at ‘away’ swim meets, must wear full team uniform to, from and at all of these Meets. This is the AquaGym Club Uniform.

What to do now

Contact the Head Coach or Club Membership Officer for all of the club membership information to be emailed to you

Head Coach
Club Membership
or one of our friendly AquaGym Club Contacts

Membership & Fees

The membership year runs from 01 April to 31 March each year. Fees are due in April of each year. The club portion of these fees will be reduced pro rata after 4 months from the 1st of April for new members joining the club.

Your annual registration fee covers:

  • Affiliation to Swimming New Zealand, Swim Canterbury/West Coast and AquaGym Swim Club
  • Access to members’ section of Club website
  • Education nights
  • Club Championship
  • Access to and support of squad manager
  • Coach & Team Management support at Meets
  • Access to the squad coaching programme if assessed as meeting the criteria for the competitive squads

AquaGym Swim Club Membership for 2016-2017 Season

The membership fees are due as of 1 July 2016. The membership fees include pool/lane hire and Swimming New Zealand registration fees (for competitive swimmers only). Swimmer Memberships INCLUDE up to TWO Associate Memberships for parents/caregivers (this gives them voting rights at the AGM as well as Club membership).

For further information contact the Membership Officer on

Membership Type
Annual Membership Fee
Junior Competitive
Senior Competitive
Junior Club (non-comp)
Senior Club (non-comp)




There is a discount for those families with more than one swimmer paying membership and coaching fees. This will be a 20% discount off fees paid by the 2nd and subsequent swimmers.

Renewing and paying your membership fee:

1. Log into
2. Click onto subscriptions
3. Your membership fees are automatically set up in the system and all you need to do is follow the instructions to pay by credit card.

You must pay your membership fees via “my page”. If you do not pay your membership fees, you will be unable to enter any swimming meets after 1 July 2016.

Coaching Fees for the 2016-17 season are as below:




Junior Gladiators



Slayers (2 per week)

Slayers (1 per week)


Monthly Fee








There is a discount for those families with more than one swimmer paying membership and coaching fees. This will be a 20% discount off fees paid by the 2nd and subsequent swimmers. If you have at any time any issues, such as meeting the payment date of the 8th of the month, please be proactive and contact the Club Coaching Fees Officer ASAP by email at

Coaching Fees are paid by Internet banking by the 8th of the month:

  • Account name = AquaGym Swim Club Inc
  • Account number = 03 1703 0023545 00
  • Particulars = Swimmer’s initial and surname, e.g. C. Brown
  • Reference = COACHING