What a fantastic day 6th of July was! As a coach to turn up to Jellie Park pool and see the whole team in their uniform ready for the Waitaha Winter Blast was a true joy. I know that its coming to the end of a long term and the goal for this meet was to think back and remember all the things the kids had learnt and to show the coaches and their team mates that they have not just turned up to training to swim.
After a great warm up and Aquagym looking like the best club in the water it was time to dress up and eat up and get ready to race.
First to race was a new girl to the club Leila Rhodes. Five minutes before she was to swim she was in tears and with the help of senior swimmer Felecity she was up and ready to hit the water. To the disbelief of all she looked like she had been swimming for 10yrs! and did a great job at her first race. Remember if you get major nerves before a race it just means you care about what you about to do and have passion! Leila did a great job during the whole swim meet and had everyone smiling at her happy attitude.
I also had few Slayers swimming including Francesca Damiano, Abby Mason along with J Group swimmers Harry Fergus, Lucas Marshall, Chris Ryan and Cameron and Natasha Johnson.
These kids are just starting to get into racing. All of them are doing a fantastic job and should be very proud of what they have don’t so far. Keep remembering to head back to training and work on them turns and take your time to do things correctly. Between this group of kids we got some fantastic PBs and also a few DQs so please remember that when you race you learn and what you learn you take back to training to get these things right.
I also had my group of Warrior team there racing and in true style they took on the challenge with a head on attack! Sam McClelland and Matt Newbitt continued their battle with each other trying to get the upper hand and were hitting there PBs. It has become clear these two will battle for sometime to come which is great!
Adam Lines has come a long way this term with consistent training and listening to his coach and we are seeing some really strong swims from him now so well done on the hard work and keep it up! Georgia, Kasey, Amelia and Hayley all did a fantastic job at their races with both coaches looking very happy by the end of the swim meet. I want to say a massive thank you to Hayley Buckley for putting in a massive effort at this swim meet. Hayley had done a lot of training this week and also swam for two hours in training before the meet. By the time she started her racing she was out on her feet but never gave up. That is the sign of a true champion! no matter how you feel give your all at that moment in time. And believe me Hayley it will repay your 10 fold down the track. I hope you had a great long sleep.
Not only was there Warriors and Slayers racing this weekend but a few of the older kids jumped in for a swim. Marie-Claire Dickson-Bakker, Olivia Damiano, Jesse Doherty, Felticity Lowen, Jed Smith and Koppany Kotan. Remembering that they were all to focus on all of the little details they have learnt from the term both coaches were happy with the result from there swims. And remember we are still early in the session and you all are doing a great job so see you at training and keep the focus up!
I really want to write about two kids that raced in the swim meet. First is Lucy Gordon. Dropping almost 3sec off her 100 Breaststroke time was a great effort but one that comes down to two things and two things only. Number one is hard work. Day in day out hard work gets results. Number two is belief. One won’t work without the other. It’s that simple.
And last I want to write about Mikayla Wijohn. Here is a girl who has spent the last 18months coming back from a major back injury. With hard work and belief from her coach and parents she is on the come back and with little training got a 2sec PB in her 100Back! In a world where it’s all too easy to just give up because it’s too hard Mikayla only had one thought. I will be back! As a coach and just a normal person what you have done over that last 12-18months has made me incredibly proud to know you and to coach you. You are a true inspiration to me and many others.
Well done to the whole team for making the coaches happy and I hope you all enjoyed your swim meet. Oh and a massive thank you to the parents that helped out including Melissa MacDonald for her help managing the best team at the pool!.
Many Thanks
Aaron Billing
PS: Always remember the 3 rules for Improvement
1) Show Up
2) Honour your team mates with your effort as they will honour you with theirs
3) Do things correctly



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